Mt. LONGONOT-CRATER Mountain Climbing


Mt. LONGONOT-CRATER Mountain Climbing

Mt. LONGONOT-CRATER Mountain Climbing

Average age of participants: 28 to 55 yrs.
Location: Mt. LONGONOT
Duration of the event: only one (1) Day (from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Mountain climb: Mt. LONGONOT CRATER

Lunch: Barbeque in the picnic site (Nymana, Mbuzi, Kuku Choma and cold drinks)

The core idea to:

1) Depart from Nairobi (office location) in the morning (by 8.00 am) and head to Mt. Longonot gate (Arrive by 9:30 am).

2) Have a pre-briefing of the trek/climbing and then start the trek, hiking up to the crater rim. (Note that a team building game/activity should be included);

3) Enjoy the scenery;

4) Lunch/barbecue (team building game/activity included) at the picnic site;

5) Then, depart for Nairobi arriving late afternoon (max. by 05:30 pm).


1. Transport: Nbo- Mt. Longonot crater – Nbo.
2. Meal (barbecue lunch Nyama Choma at pic-nit site) + drinks (COLD juices/water/soft drinks/beers)

consideration care when suggesting the team building games:

Existence of a back-up plan check for safety hazards.

Games to break up the monotony of a 2-hours trek/climbing and time after-lunch

No complicated group games but still smart (easy to use and explain, field tested, confident in presenting and REQUIRE SOME STRATEGIC THINKING by participants).

Games that require more than one delegate from each team to encourage them to work together.

All participants can take part in every game/activity.

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