Phistin Team Building

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Corporate Team Building

3 Days Sagana Camp

Highlights: This 3 days outing rewards the staff members with active activities ,group orientation ,development training session and team work all this coupled with great fun of tug of war, swimming, rafting and evening bonfires!! .Meeting /Seminar facilities are provided in a serene environment while accommodation is in tents .

Back to office with a renewed friendship and social affiliation ,enhancing your productivity and efficiency in a more friendly environment.

Duration : 3 days
Starts : Nairobi /Ends : Nairobi
Day of Departure : Every Friday
Transport :Seater Tour Bus
Accomodation : Standard
Activities include: Camping, Rafting, Swimming, Development training sessions ,Game of tug of war bird watching and Goat eating
Camp: Sagana Camp
Minimum No of Pax:16-35

Detailed Itineraly:

Day 1.Leave on afternoon and depart for Sagana Camp arriving at evening. Evening bonfire with group orientation, and simple but fun ice breaker activities to get the group into a team spirit to give the course a good kick start. Drinks are available!

Dinner is then served, the rest of the evening is spent relaxing around the camp. over night at the camp, and breakfast the next morning.

Day 2. Morning Conference/Seminar or Group meeting in the conference room.After a good lunch the group spend the rest of the afternoon doing Developmental training activities. Theses activities are specially designed and instructed by the facilitators in developing team work, trust, latural thinking, leadership along with a number of other traits. These activities will take place in the camp and will involve facilitation after each activity, where the group will be able to reflect on what they just did,from which they will be able to pick out on strengths and weaknesses and how to relate it all back to the work environment to produce a more efficient work environment in the office. Nyama choma , Kachumbari and Ugali, for dinner, overnight at the camp.

Day 3: After Breakfast the group departs for a days white water rafting. The rafting ” The Tana River is a drop pool river offering and exciting day of white water rafting. The adventure starts with a 3 km of easy class II and III white water, where plenty of opportunity to gain the practice of paddle skills and team work required to run the lower part of the river. A 6 km section follows with an hour or so of relaxation to view the abundance of bird life around, along with several team work activities that can be done from the boat. There is also he opportunity play “pirates” board the other boats and try and capture them. Or simply cool off with a swim in the warm water. The final 7 km of river, back to the campsite starts with some easy class III waters where paddle commands are gone over again. It is now the 3 big rapids (class IV and V) with names like Captains Folly, Can of Worms because of its four 90 degree bends in succession, and Sphincter Flexor.Subject to water levels we may be able to “surf” in “fish eye” Numerous smaller rapids brings one on to the last big one – Spasm, a series of drops over ¾ km section with a big surprise half way through, which is the personal challenge. The rafting offers really good team work and communication development involved with some really good fun.” After a late lunch the last meetings and facilitation we depart back to Nairobi arriving late evening.

The price for this three day course, that will be all inclusive of Transport, food, drinks, accommodation and all the activities and the facilitation.



Duration : 3 days
Starts : Nairobi /Ends : Nairobi
Day of Departure : Any Day
Transport : Tour bus
Accomdation :Standard
Activities include:Mountain climbing (Mt. Longonot).Visit to the Crescent Islands- See the Wildlife,Boat riding at Lake Naivasha,,Bush barbeque for Dinner ( Mbuzi Choma, Kachumbari and Ugali
Parks: Longonot
Minimum No of Pax:15-20

Day 1. Leave Nairobi at 0900hrs. Pick up at a central point in Nairobi by our tour vans. Drive North West Stopping at Mt.Longonot (9,000Ft.) for climbing. Picnic Lunch then depart for Lake Naivasha Lodge arriving late afternoon for check-in then proceed for a boat ride at the Lake. Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 2. Full day seminar with Activities at the Lodge with a Lunch break at the Lodge. Barbeque dinner in the evening (Mbuzi Choma, Kachubari and Ugali).

Day 3. After breakfast a guided Tour to the Crescent Islands, see the wildlife around. Walking Safari is recommended accompanied by an armed ranger guide. After the Game viewing back to the Lodge for a refreshment. Leave the lodge at 1200hrs. for Nairobi arriving around 1315hrs.

This trip to Lake Naivasha Lodge, two nights three days.
The charges include:-

1.Transport Nbo- Naivasha- Nbo.
2. Accommodation at the Lodge.
3. Meals.
4. Provisions:- a) Set up Seminar Hall.

b) Flip Charts.
c) Tv. and Video for your Seminar purposes.
d) Facilities for Syndicate discussion.


One night team Building course to Mt Longonot then cray fish at Lake Naivasha

We offer you an adventure,learning incerased team work,fun,sharing,and getting winners and awarding loosers

program as follows:

Day 1.Pick in the morning by 7.30am and head to Longonot gate: Arrive by 9am .A pre breifing of the trek.start the trek,hiking up to the crater rim.Enjoy the scenery.first ten people to arrive prepare the lunch and next ten to serve the party and the rest pick the garbage and go down with it.

12.00pm be at the gate: transfer to Cray fish camp. All check in rooms and take shower. afternoon activities and Games then bicycle rid to hells gate park.Evening all men take care of cooking -come up with menu and women do the mbuzi nyama choma then dinner will be served . After dinner a competation from dances from salsa,zilizopedwa etc


Mt. LONGONOT-CRATER Mountain Climbing

Average age of participants: 28 to 55 yrs.
Location: Mt. LONGONOT
Duration of the event: only one (1) Day (from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Mountain climb: Mt. LONGONOT CRATER

Lunch: Barbeque in the picnic site (Nymana, Mbuzi, Kuku Choma and cold drinks)

The core idea to:

1) Depart from Nairobi (office location) in the morning (by 8.00 am) and head to Mt. Longonot gate (Arrive by 9:30 am).

2) Have a pre-briefing of the trek/climbing and then start the trek, hiking up to the crater rim. (Note that a team building game/activity should be included);

3) Enjoy the scenery;

4) Lunch/barbecue (team building game/activity included) at the picnic site;

5) Then, depart for Nairobi arriving late afternoon (max. by 05:30 pm).


1. Transport: Nbo- Mt. Longonot crater – Nbo.
2. Meal (barbecue lunch Nyama Choma at pic-nit site) + drinks (COLD juices/water/soft drinks/beers)

consideration care when suggesting the team building games:

Existence of a back-up plan check for safety hazards.

Games to break up the monotony of a 2-hours trek/climbing and time after-lunch

No complicated group games but still smart (easy to use and explain, field tested, confident in presenting and REQUIRE SOME STRATEGIC THINKING by participants).

Games that require more than one delegate from each team to encourage them to work together.

All participants can take part in every game/activity.


Samburu Team Building Activity for 2 nights with Game drives every evening

Day 1.
Depart NAirobi 7am Arrive at 1:15 pm Arrival, check in and LUNCH
2:15 pm Energizers, Stretches, Singing Games,
Physical registration
3:00 pm Introduction, administration, team life cycle, IMMERSION process, setting of ground rules, expectations
3:15 pm Cut-Up-T
4:30 pm Tea Break
5:00 pm Game Drive
7.30 pm DINNER
8:30 pm Understanding and appreciating individual roles, abilities and potentials.

(Day 2 )

6:00 am Morning Clinic
8:30m Group Discussion
9:30 am Overhand Knot
10:30 am TEA BREAK
11:00 am Healing Broken Relationships
12:00 pm Trust Walk
1:00 pm swimming
1:30 pm LUNCH
2.15 pm Twelve bits
3.50 pm TEA BREAK
4.00 pm Game Drive
7.30 pm DINNER
8.30 pm Shared accountability through performance measurement
(Day 3)
6.00 am Morning Clinic
8.30 am Traffic Jam
9.30 am Appreciation Ritual


3 Days TRIP To shaba National park Famours for servivour series

You learn bushcraft activities,game drives,great accomodation at sarova shaba and full days of outdoor activites

The best team Building at Shaba and samburu park,The only activity for 3 days with game drive,

What is team building?

Team building is a way for organizations (employers) to encourage team members (employees) to interact and integrate individual skills and recourses into a unified effort. It is used to boost moral of a team and introduces team members to one another by having them interact outside of the normal work environment (comfort zone). Helps to build trust between members. Team building is fun and allows colleagues to see each other in a new light.

The most important objective for the whole event is to have fun, through this teams learn how to work together, communicate and build relationships. They will learn about each other’s strengths and personalities.



Team building games should be:

a) Quick to use (people do not bet bored).
b) Participative (delegates physically take part)
c) Props (realism)
d) Low risk (no adverse consequence)
e) Adaptable (can be modified to suit the needs of a client)
f) Goal (objective/focus)
g) Fun (vibe)
h) Not to be complicated

Introducing a game

Get their undivided attention
Solicit their cooperation
Give a brief explanation and background of the game
Demonstrate, but only share appropriate information
Give them a goal and time limit
Encourage them to interact
Be enthusiastic and encouraging

Remember this is meant to be fun for all, so create a vibe. Make people aware of safety hazards e.g. no pushing, don’t jump there, etc.

Selecting games

a) You will need to get relevant information from the organizer such as:
Age groups
Health of delegate
Disabilities of delegate
Physical intensity (high, low, medium)

Always be ready for any situation.

b) Even if the course leader/organizer wants a high physical intensity course, have non-physical games ready. It is meant to be fun, so we want the blood to flow but we do not want delegates dropping dead or loosing interest because they are exhausted.

c) Use games to break up the monotony of a 2-hour game drive/walk.

d) Always have a back-up plan check for safety hazards.

e) Use games that are not complicated (easy to use and explain, use games you have field tested and are confident in presenting.

f) Use games that require more than one delegate from each team if possible. This encourages them to work together.

g) Explain to the team that different delegates should take part in the events; this should stop those that want to take part in every activity.

h) You will need to arrange your program using the information received from the organizer as to how strenuous they would like the event. However, most people will settle for a good mixture of the events.


a) Each game needs props to create realism.
b) Make props that look ethnic/authentic and professional.
c) Make sure props are well maintained.
d) Look for ways to make props more authentic and look for new ideas.
e) Color props so that different teams can identify what is theirs and this will limit confusion between the teams.
f) Use face paints/bandannas to clearly identify the different teams and members.


Icebreakers – War cry
– Dance
– Team name
– Team identity (face painting)
– Beetle juice

Passive games – Tribal tangle
– Survival moves (chess)
– On the spot
– Sheep herding
– Choose your weapon
– Sheep Hearding
– Puzzled
– Game drive treasure hunt
– Shelter building
– Raft building

Active – Cannibal and Missionaries
– Tribal hunt
– Fire making
– Torched
– Barrel of fun
– Rescue mission
– Maji machafu
– The web
– Mud challenge (osha ndovu)
– Head to head
– Ski race
– Obstacle course
– Mountain climb
– River crossing

We tailor and design to match all your needs.
1 Team Building Ideas That Work . . .
(fact) : Team Building and Motivation are best achieved through organized fun events rather than adversity.

*With regard to pricing, all team building events will be subject to the following criteria:

Total numbers
Duration of the event

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